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What is UBINER
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What is Ubiner

Ubiner is a new concept image licensing service which generates revenue through photos or images that I own.
Once the image is uploaded and the price is set, you can easily sell the image license.
Additionally, images owned in the form of NFT can be imported to Ubiner to sell its usage license.
(It does not affect your ownership of the NFTs.)
The ownership of the images will remain the same and for users who need the images must pay its download fee and the payment will be included in my income.
Also, depending on the number of photos and images you upload, you will be given the right to issue NFTs for free of charge each month.

1. It is simple to register and sell your images.
Once I upload the images I have, AI will extract its keyword. Set the title, description and sale price, and you're ready to raise income.

2. Conveniently bring my NFT to Ubiner.
Can link Ethereum or Polygon-based wallet addresses and import all NFT to Ubiner at once.

3. Provide numerous promotional tools.
We provide not only SNS sharing, but also promotional links and advertising codes which can be applied to sites or blogs.
Based on the sales and the number of users who have subscribed through promotional links or advertisements, you will be compensated for its portion.

1 What's the role of Ubiner?

Anyone can earn income through the image you own. and anyone can create their own NFTs with photos and images. And for the first time the world has seen, we provide a service which connects these NFTs with designers or creators who are in need of it and create usage revenue.

2 What differs from the original image market?

For creators, the traditional image market has barriers of entry. It usually takes more than two months after applying to become a creator. Moreover, despite registration of my photos, it takes a long time to receive approval of sales and the procedure is complicated, which leaves ordinary people difficult to access.
Ubiner does not have a separate approval procedure. Excluding the listed regulations below, all images can be uploaded and put on sales.

3 Not allowed images.

1. Explicit images or photos.
2. Images or photos which illustrate violence, abusive language and racism.
3. Images or photos which illustrate child abuse and drugs.
4. Images or photos which directly or may insult a specific group of people.
5. Images which fall under the standard size.
6. Images or photos which plagiarize partial or all of another's creations.

4 Can I display my NFTs on the Ubiner market?

It is possible to import NFTs from the Import table after linking your wallet.